Hom'mere III - L'Ernogaute - L' Ergofrage



Title: from Hom'mere III - L'Ernogaute - L' Ergofrage
Year: 1976
Medium: Aquatint Etching on Japon, Signed and numbered in pencil
Edition: numbered e.a. 10/10 on Arches paper.
Image Size: 19.5 x 14.75 inches
Size: 26.5 in. x 20 in. (67.31 cm x 50.8 cm)
Mint condition. Unframed. Signed in pencil and numbered
e.a. 10/10.
Printed and Published by Georges Visat, Paris 1976

Reference: Figs. 204-213 in "Matta: Index dell'opera Grafica 1969-1980" by Germana Ferrari, 1980, pgs 76-79

Roberto Matta created five series of etchings, which he called Hom'mère. Each folder or artist's book presents a second name, the first of them being Hom’mère - Chaosmos (1973), followed by Hom’mère - L’autre (1975), Hom’mère - L’ergonaute (1977) and Hom’mère - Point d’appui (1983), and Hom'mere N'ous (1985).

Taking the story of Jason and the Arognauts, one of the greatest epic poems of the Greek mythology that tells the story of the return trip of the hero, as an excuse, Matta created Hom’mère - L’ergonaute. He alludes to this classical narrative to illustrate an unedited biographical poem, in which he also reflects the social problems of the time.

The visual space between the works is paramount. We are presented with a chronological and historical order. We see linear vibrations, anthropomorphic characters set out in a space where texture and colour take precedence over anything else, full of transparencies that take us to one and another place at the same time in both a formal and plastic manner.

The Hom’mère series reflect his most developed artistic theories on the exploration and representation of the fourth dimension, the theory of relativity, movement and spatiality. He also addresses the theme of the identity of the human being and the origin of everything. It is not by chance that the title of the series is the combination of “homme” and “mère”: “Man” and "mother" in French.


Very rare and difficult to find, especially on Japon, from the deluxe edition, and in near mint condition. 



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